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Ed Sheeran and Robbie Williams are neighbors

Ed Sheeran and Robbie Williams are neighbors.

The 26-year-old singer songwriter has revealed his London home is "oddly" situated next door to the Take That band member, who lives there with his wife Ayda Field and their children Theodora, four, and two year-old Charlton, and he regularly pops over with an apple pie to have a catch up with the 43-year-old musician.

Speaking to KISS FM, the 'Shape of You' hitmaker said: "Oddly enough, where I live in London, Robbie is there. We're neighbors the whole time. So I'll just, I'll pop round and bring an apple pie and say, 'How's the Missus?' He'll be like, 'Good. How's the Missus with you?' And it will be like, 'Right, shall we get a few jars?'"

And the flame-haired vocalist is desperate to collaborate with the dark-haired rocker on a track in the future, because he has always been a fan of Robbie's songs and his 1997 debut solo album 'Life Thru a Lens' was the first album he ever owned.

He explained: "I would do a song with Robbie, because 'Life thru a Lens' was the first album I ever got given by my aunt when I was six."

However, Robbie didn't like hearing about how Ed's music collection started and the age in which he had his own copy because it made him feel old.

Ed continued: "I told him that and he didn't like that because I was six."

Meanwhile, the 'ABC' vocalist - who is currently dating Cherry Seaborn - has revealed Kanye West inspired him to include flamethrowers in his 2017 BRIT Awards performance.

Speaking about the star studded bash, which saw him joined on stage by rapper Stormzy, he said: "I saw Kanye's performance a couple of years ago and I remember seeing him using flamethrowers and I was like, 'I wish I could use flame throwers.' So they were like, 'What do you want to do for your Brits performance this year?' And I was like, 'Flame throwers.'"






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