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Robbie Williams set to release new album Under The Radar Volume 2 on YouTube

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has finally got round to using YouTube for the benefit of his music.

After years trawling the video-sharing site to indulge his UFO obsession, the superstar will release his second album in as many years on there.

In a BEYONCE-style first for Robbie, he intends to drip-feed each track from Under The Radar Volume 2, which is the follow-up to his 2014 collection of B-sides and rarities, on YouTube.

It will give him a chance to put out tracks that did not make last year’s No1 album, The Heavy Entertainment Show.

A source said: “Robbie has the songs recorded and ready to go.

“The tracklisting for The Heavy Entertainment Show was meticulously picked by him as he wanted it to have a certain sound but he has loads of great music still in the vault.

“There’s also intriguing stuff left over from previous albums that fans will want to hear.

“After previously keeping his fans waiting so long for new music he wants to keep them interested.”

The bold move is a sensible one for Robbie, as it means he i’s staying relevant and keeping up with modern pop stars who are increasingly releasing music online first.

The traditional three-year album and tour cycle enjoyed by artists down the years is becoming less fashionable, with many now dropping tracks whenever they want.

Robbie will put his songs on YouTube during his upcoming tour, which kicks off at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester in June.

So fans will get a taste of the album before the complete package at Christmas.

Once the tour is wrapped and he’s had a rest, Robbie is then likely to once again join forces with TAKE THAT for their special 25th anniversary Greatest Hits album.

The band will then take the collection on the road in 2018, which GARY BARLOW believes will be their biggest ever tour.

Robbie will have a lot of fun looking back at the highlights on YouTube.





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